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About Us

Dolce Mela Bedding Manufacturer Dropshipper is own and operated by 2 Decorate Inc. established in 2006 as an internet drop-shipper specializing in Dolce Mela decorative duvet cover sets with unique gift style packaging and we recently added window dressing items. 

bedding manufacturer wholesale dropshipping machinery Although there many drop shipping companies that drop ship similar products when it comes to bedding drop shipping business we do it best. None of the drop shipping companies offer similar combination of material quality and packaging presentation that we do at

With a reputation for quality and integrity we have grown to a direct manufacturer of our products and we currently drop ship for 100s of e-commerce stores and boutique bed & bath stores.

We offer special pricing and professional catalogs to interior designers, bed & bath stores and catalog re-sellers.

Most important is that we are the direct drop ship manufacturer of our products and unlike other drop-shipping distributors we control our product features and quality.

Manufacturer Dropshipper Showroom
wholesale dropshipping warehouse Our 50,000 Square Feet High-Tech fulfillment warehouse in Edison NJ can handle all drop shipping orders efficiently at peak seasons with no delays.


We offer free drop shipping and we make it easy to integrate with all customers small and large. We offer EDI connectivity, wholesale shopping cart and order forms via email or fax.

International Drop shipping Service

We maintain accurate spreadsheets with detailed product specs, professional quality digital photos, and availability reports and most important our website is updated with up to the minute updates for all our wholesale and drop-ship items Currently we drop ship products for online and store customers in US and Canada.

We are the most experienced among wholesale drop-shippers when it comes to customer service. Very few wholesale drop shipping companies ship items out the same day and provide you with shipment tracking numbers. We follow up with all the details of the product drop shipping process to make sure that your customers are having the best service and online buying experience.

These are important points when you choose drop-ship suppliers for your online product sourcing. As you know selling drop shipping products is as good as your drop-shipping supplier service. You have to be selective in choosing drop shipping companies. The process of successfully selling drop shipping products depends solely on your drop-ship supplier’s ability to fulfill orders quickly and efficiently.

With our long experience in the drop shipping business and our dedicated team we promise to provide you with the most reliable service for your online sales of drop ship items. When you choose us as your wholesale drop-ship supplier you will be sure that you will offer a quality online sales experience to your customers thru our high quality free blind drop ship program.

From the CEO:

We strive to become your best drop shipping distributor in U.S.A.