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Examples of Wholesale Drop Shipping sales

Wholesale Drop Shipping examples:

- Example 1.
Maria sells one of our bedding sets on her online store for $149 plus $15 shipping.  Maria now logs onto our website ​​​​​​​​​ with her wholesale user ID and Password and enters the customer's order and shipping information. electronically and instantly routes the information to our warehouse, and ensures that the order is pulled inspected and shipped in a timely manner – usually within 1-2 Business Days.  Maria only pays for the wholesale price of the product which is (typically about 40%) less than the retail price.  Since Maria passed the shipping cost onto her customer, she made about $60 profit.
Not bad Maria; just focus on ways to sell more!

- Example 2:
Linda works as a hair dresser in a busy salon.  She like our bedding sets that she discovered recently and decides to open a wholesale account with us so she can resell them for profit.
When her account is created she receives our professional catalog and she starts showing it to her friends and customers.
When she makes a sale she simply calls in her order and we ship the product to her customer’s address.
That way Marina found a way to make additional money with no hassle.