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What is Blind Drop Shipping

Do you want to make extra income or maybe you want to become a successful online seller to harness the unlimited and ever-growing potential of selling on products online?

If your answer is YES then blind drop shipping is the best way to start your online business and start selling online in and few hours with small investment requirements.

You can build your own ecommerce website or simply setup your online presence fast and easy with minimum startup costs by creating seller accounts in minutes with popular selling engines like : Amazon, eBay, Yahoo Merchant, E-junkie, ShopTab, Soldsie, Shopify,, Etsy, Bonanza, eCRATER, craigslist, Artfire, eBid, DaWanda, Zibbet, Big Cartel, Ruby Lane, Silkfair and many more.

Yes it’s that simple but if you also want to avoid the hassles of purchasing and storing products, tracking inventory, setting up warehouse space, and maintaining a confusing process of receiving and shipping products to your customers, then blind drop shipping may be your answer. It will allow you to make money selling our quality products online for hefty profits, while we take care of all the steps involved in the process.

Blind Drop shipping is a retail method that has grown in popularity as the ecommerce industry has evolved.

In its most simple explanation, blind drop shipping is simply an agreement between the retailer (you) and the wholesale distributor (us) to sell and ship our products to your customers by avoiding complicated business setups and unnecessary expenses.

You as the retailer can advertise to sell our products online, and when your customer purchases a product from your store(s) (or catalog) we ship the product to them using your information as the seller.

This way you are able to sell online without the costs of maintaining and storing inventory, or having to worry about packaging and shipping.

With our blind drop shipping method you as the retailer is in complete control of your customers and you are the only point of contact with them.

Why wait? Start selling our products online in your own ecommerce stores today:



Note: We prefer applicants who understand eCommerce and the drop-shipping business. Although we are willing to work with anyone no matter of experience level, we reserve the right to request a $25 deposit to process a new application. 

Then we place that $25 as a credit in your account to be used with your first purchase order.