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Drop Ship FAQs

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is our product delivery method where you, as the Seller/Retailer, can sell our products to your customers, and we ship them directly from our warehouse.

Our presence is transparent to your customers, and all communication is only between you and them.

This method of delivery is called Blind Drop Shipping, and we strictly stand behind this practice. See more info here: Blind Drop Shipping

With this arrangement, you can be in business quickly, selling and profiting without having to invest money to buy, warehouse, and ship our products to your customers.

When you sell our products, you collect the retail price, send the orders to us, and pay the wholesale price.

We ship the products to your customers (usually within 2-3 business days), and we email you the shipping confirmations with package tracking numbers to forward to your customers.

  • Our products ship easily.  Our typical packages are less than 10 LBs, double boxed and with nothing to break.
  • We don't charge any drop shipping fees.
  • We have no minimum order requirements.
  • You can sell our products on the Internet or with our catalogs.
  • We give you our product descriptions and technical information in EXCEL format that you can easily upload and publish on your website(s) or auction sites.
  • For store owners and freelancers we provide professional catalogs and suggested store pricing.
  • We give you access to your secure online account where you can place orders with the wholesale prices, check your orders status, track your shipments and see your order history.
  • With our Blind Drop Shipping program you need no inventory, no packaging, no trips to Post Office, and no paperwork!




Note: We prefer applicants who understand eCommerce and the drop-shipping business. Although we are willing to work with anyone no matter of experience level, we reserve the right to request a $25 deposit to process a new application. 

Then we place that $25 as a credit in your account to be used with your first purchase order.