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Advantages of Wholesale Drop Shipping Sales Model

Our Wholesale “Blind” Drop Shipping Model Explained

- Drop-Shipping enables you to sell products virtually anywhere. Whether you run a brick & mortar store, an e-commerce store, own a blog, or sell on eBay or Amazon, offers an efficient sourcing product method.

- First and foremost, we provide you with all the information you need to publish or resell our products. e.g., Photos, Catalog, Wholesale Price List, Inventory Availability Report, Promotional Coupons, and more.

- Dropshipping saves you the cost of holding inventory. If you're like most people starting a small business, you don't have a considerable amount of capital to get your business off the ground. The last thing you want to do is tie up all of your cash on inventory that may or may not sell.

- Risks associated with non-selling products are minimized with drop shipping. With no inventory on hand, there is not any leftover stock. Let's face it; products can suddenly become outdated, obsolete, or just plain unpopular. While other retailers are selling their stock at deep discounts – taking a huge loss, you can move onto the next hot product. You will never get stuck with a stockroom full of unwanted results while drop shipping. This simple business model frees up space, money, time, and stress by not requiring you to warehouse products. While other internet business owners are filling their houses or renting stockrooms to store inventory, you can enjoy not having to deal with those headaches.

- Last but not least, dropshipping allows you to focus on making money. With this easy-to-use business model, you don't have to keep track of inventory. Nor do you have to handle products or ship them. manages the inventory availability and makes it available to you to only focus on your sales techniques. 

Applying for a wholesale account is easy and it only takes a couple minutes at this link: 



Note: We prefer applicants who understand eCommerce and the drop-shipping business. Although we are willing to work with anyone no matter of experience level, we reserve the right to request a $25 deposit to process a new application. 

Then we place that $25 as a credit in your account to be used with your first purchase order.